We Are ONE Race: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

We are ONE Race: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly


Nejoud Al-Yagout

We are always talking about people in power; the outer enemy, the Illuminati, the puppeteers who run the world, the arms industry, the pharmaceutical industry, Monsanto and on and on ad nauseam. We forget that these people were born into the world too. We forget we are all human beings,and the more we treat people as enemies, the more we perpetuate darkness. Many people on this planet have not known the healing power of love. We are sometimes born into situations that teach us only hate, anger, fear so we use false power to retaliate agains the world. If we have enemies, then we have created them. If we were born expansionists or were born into dynasties that perceived overpopulation as a threat we would behave in exactly the same way. If we were born believing that God would provide us with everlasting paradise if we bombed a cafe, how would we behave any differently? All these beliefs were programmed into our energetic fields. The enemy is not man. The enemy is belief. We have created so many belief systems that we have forgotten that it is our mind that is running the show, and not us. Even dictators are victims of beliefs. We are made of the same essence, and for those who claim we do not have souls, we can all agree that we all are made of flesh and blood. Let us all come together for the sake of our humanity. All of us. Can we meet these powerful people who run the show behind the scenes? We are willing to pay a peace tax to keep them in power until we work collectively to eradicate our greed altogether.We have been paying for war for eons; our money can go to peace instead until we heal. We can work on solutions to keep the population of the planet at bay by adopting more. We need to talk to one another. We need to have fruitful discussions that will benefit all of us. We need to discuss greed instead of tackling it. We can work with companies who have profited by poisoning our food for a profit by finding win-win situations where they can make profits by keeping us healthy for a change. These are all short-term solutions until we find a way to stop profiting from one another, a baby step on the ladder toward our ascension. Who are we to blame anyone? We are all sick and we can only heal together. Eckhart Tolle wisely states that whenever you have a war against anything, you strengthen it. This statement resonates deeply. So even if our beliefs are enemies, we cannot fight them. And we cannot continue to fight terrorists either. We are in this together. We are hurting, some more than others. If someone is willing to blow himself up and kill others in the way, this is a shout for help. We know that many child bullies are abused or neglected at home. We need more compassion. Our anger has only created worse situations. Think about it. For millennia we have been fighting wars against each other, creating more enemies, more terrorists, more anxiety, more depression. And here we are hamsters on a wheel. And it’s a pretty scary wheel! Perhaps it is time for a new approach. Let us drop the fight and work together. All of us. All the ones we have labeled evil, all the ones who we label, good, ugly, bad, mean, dictatorial, angelic…. Let us meet in Rumi’s realm beyond right and wrongdoing. It starts with working closely with those we have perceived as enemies. This is where the key to our expansion of consciousness lies. I invite you to a revolution. Let us learn to see every person on this planet as a possibility. Let’s try this. We have tried everything else. We have seen that war does not succeed. Let us let go of this idea of evil and work in the space beneath, that silent divine space within us all. Let us work closely with politicians who we perceive as mad, and remind them of this space. We need more ambassadors of peace. I promise you that it is there. I promise you. Let us eradicate this idea of an enemy and learn how to love. As long as we hold this idea that we are victims and being persecuted it will keep on manifesting. We are one race, and it is not just the human race. It is the life race which includes all sentient beings, but that’s a whole other topic.

Stay tuned lovers! I love you. Immensely.

Please click on the Youtube link for the above article:

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=GEuHMxprpHA

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